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age progression sample
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I am a mother and cannot even imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. It is a burden that I am grateful every day that I have not been asked to bear.

Using my Photoshop skills to help ease this burden in a small way for others who have had children leave too soon is one of my greatest sources of satisfaction. 

How Does age progression work?

age progression sample

Photos. LOTS of photos.

The more source photography you can provide, the better I will be able to deliver a realistic result. These will include photos of the child or baby, photos of the parents as children and as adults and photos of any siblings or even cousins.

Where possible, I will use the child’s own features copied from your source photos in the final age progression image. The additional family images will help to fill out the details.

Anatomical knowledge

As an artist, I have an artist’s eye and training in human anatomy. I understand how that cute little button nose and dimpled chin would have morphed as the face aged. I also have the artistic skill to capture your child’s personality and expression.

Photo editing skills

My skill on Photoshop enables me to combine your images, build on them and polish them into a seamless photograph that looks like it was taken from a life study. I work in extremely high resolution so your finished age progression photo can be printed at large sizes.

age progression 1
age progression 2
age progression 3

How much do age progression images cost?

Each finished image is the result of many hours of painstaking work. But it is a labour of love. For this reason, I offer this service at a fraction of my usual hourly rate.

$350 / image