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Through a series of personal tragedies, life coach Toks Coker had let her WordPress/Avada website become stale and outdated. Now back to revive her business, Toks was looking for a website redevelopment that would bring her business back to life.

Platform: WordPress

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The Client

Toks originally approached me to redevelop her existing WordPress website, built years ago on the Avada theme. After a few years of personal hardship, the website had grown static and was in need of some fresh life. We ended up throwing out Avada and re-designing from scratch.

The Project

Toks’ personal challenges of recent years left her with little income. She had invested time and thought in her re-imagined programs and needed her website to provide a portal to sell and deliver them.

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The Process

Re-design of the website was done live on a subdomain of the original site. This allowed for an collaborative approach where Toks’ could view the pieces in action and provide feedback throughout.

Branding Update

Not only had Toks website grown stale, her branding was in need of some TLC as well. Her only copies of her logo were low resolution and looked outdated. 

A branding refresh gave her a more sophisticated logo. Care was taken over color selection. Blue and gold were meaningful to Toks. In a bold move, we chose gradients to reflect the color, depth and vibrancy that is Toks Coker.

Saying Yes to Video

Video is used extensively across the website, both in the design and the delivery of her programs.

Video backgrounds help convey the energy of Tok’s “Say Yes to Life” message.

Zoom integration within her membership programs allow her to run her courses on her own website.

A website that works

Toks didn’t just need a website. She needed a sales tool that would help to attact, sell and run her coaching programs.

The Toks Coker website features the following:

Mailchimp integration

Newsletter and member signups are fed directly into Tok's Mailchimp mailing lists.

Sales funnels

Sales funnels for each of her programs direct visitors into her memberships so that they can become customers.

Membership portal

On-site membership allows Toks to select exactly what sort of content each member or non-member can view. Program payments are made through automatic payment.

Zoom integration

Members can participate in online member function directly from Tok's website.

The Product

Home page design

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Sales funnel design

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