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Proactive Proposals

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The Mission

Proactive Proposals is a joint project between myself and Jordan Kelly of Pursuits Academy. Jordan and I put our heads together to create a tool that would help SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) target higher end clients. We wanted a website that would be appealing, useful and user-friendly for young businesses on a growth trajectory.

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The Client

Jordan Kelly is a force in the corporate world. Her CV includes a long list of high-powered clients and credentials and a library of books and courses written to help businesses compete in high-end bids.

Proactive Proposals marked an era of reaching a new market – the SME. Jordan wanted to turn her extensive knowledge and experience to helping smaller prospects to raise their corporate profile.

The Project

Logo design

We began by developing a deceptively simple logo. The double square icon created a versatile image that projected a 3-dimensional aspect while illustrating the concept of thinking outside the box. It also opened up a world of possibilities for animated design on the website.

Simple Animations

Slide in animations provide energy and an immediate “cool” factor. Layered black and white imagery offer a surprise colour hover effect, further reinforcing the message of standing out from the crowd.

Maximised Blog Posts

Jordan’s knowledge of the industry is her greatest selling point and is made easily accessible throughout the site. Blogs posts are presented in an engaging format in the Learning Centre, but are also used to support the Service listings. 

Home Page

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Blog Listings

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