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Your website will be unique. So will your pricing package. Please use the below information to have an idea of what your website will cost.


Terms & Conditions

50% deposit required at contract acceptance. Balance due six weeks after project commences or at website launch, whichever is sooner.

You will be advised prior to contract acceptance on when your website can be expected to begin and to launch. Upon acceptance of the contract and payment of deposit, your website will be scheduled. Depending on workloads, there may be a delay in starting your project. If this should be the case, you will be advised as such and the final payment will be rescheduled accordingly.

Your contract includes two online or phone meetings. The first will be scheduled at the beginning of the contract to discuss your specific requirements. A final meeting at website launch will be scheduled to give you a walk-through of the back-end of your website and to address any final concerns or issues. 

If you would like additional or face-to-face meetings, these will be invoiced at a rate $75/hour, including travel time.

You may email or message any questions or comments at any time at no additional cost.

A shared folder will be provided for you to upload your content and images. 

Images should be uploaded in jpg format and should be of good clarity and at least 150KB each. Larger files are also acceptable. 

Written content should preferably be in Word. Content writing can be provided for a fee.

IMPORTANT: Your content should be uploaded before your project begins. Delay in uploading your content will delay your launch date and may result in your project having to be rescheduled. 

Payment terms: 50% deposit up front. Balance to be invoiced 6 weeks after project inception date or at website launch, whichever is sooner.

14 day invoice terms.