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Create coupon codes for your products

Providing coupon codes can provide incentive to close the sale.

And it’s really easy to do!

DIY Tutorial:

How to create a coupon code for your products

This assumes that you already have WooCommerce installed and products created.

coupons 1

Find the marketing section under your Woocommerce dashboard

On the WordPress dashboard at the left of your screen, find the Woocommerce section. You’ll find Coupons under Marketing.


On the Coupon page, click 'add coupon'.

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Name Your coupon

The name you choose for your coupon will be the assortment of letters and numbers that your customers will need to type into the coupon form when they checkout, so keep it simple and easy to remember.

You can opt to use the ‘Generate coupon code’ button, but the result will be anything BUT simple and easy to remember.

If you choose, you may add a description for your coupon, but it’s usually not necessary.

Coupon Data

fixed cart

Choose your discount type

There are three discount types to choose from.

Percentage discount

The Percentage discount allows you to enter a percentage that will apply to everything in the cart, great for those 20% off sales. Don't want the discount to apply to everything? We'll cover that in a bit.

Fixed Cart Discount

The Fixed Cart Discount applies a flat amount, i.e. $10.00, off the shopping cart total.

Fixed Product Discount

The Fixed Product Discount applies a flat amount, i.e. $10.00, off EACH ITEM in the cart.

This section also allows you to select free shipping if you would like to offer that as part of your coupon. You can also skip the discounts above and make your coupon code give nothing but free shipping as an option.

Set your coupon expiry date unless you want your coupon to be valid forever.


Set Restrictions

Restrictions allow you to set conditions to your discounts.

Minimum/Maximum Spend

If you only want your coupon to apply to those who spend $100.00, enter that as your minimum spend.

Individual Use Only

If you have several active coupon codes, you might not want your customers to use more than one on a single shop. Tick this box to restrict to using only one coupon code at a time.

Exclude Sale Items

Tick this box if you do not want further discounts to items in your shop that already on sale.

Products/Exclude Products

If you only want your coupon to apply to a certain product or products in your shop, you can enter them here. The space acts as a search bar where you can type in the name of your products to add them. You may add more than one. If you want your coupon to apply to all of your products EXCEPT a few, use the Exclude products space.

Product Categories

This allows you to apply your coupon to only certain varieties of product in your shop provided they are organised by category. For example, if you're running a 40% off sale on running shoes, and you have a 'running shoes' category set up in your shop, you can enter the category here.

Allowed Emails

Now this is just getting picky! This enables you to give exclusive discounts to only certain customers. You can enter their email addresses here.



Usage limits allow you to control how often your coupon code is used.

Usage limit per coupon

This limits the number of times the coupon can be used on your site. For example, you can offer a 20% discount to the first 100 people to purchase. The code will then stop working after 100 orders have been made. If they snooze, they lose.

Limit usage to X items

This applies to any one shopping cart. You can limit your code to only be applied to one or more items in the cart.

Usage limit per user

This allows you to make your coupon only usable once by each customer. They won't be able to come back later in the day to reuse the coupon if they want to buy something else.

STEP Seven

Don't forget to hit that blue 'Save' button and test!!!!

After you have saved, take a quick look at an applicable product in your shop and try entering your code to make sure the code it is behaving the way you expect it to. There is nothing worse than distributing a code only to find it’s costing you more than you anticipated. (Well, maybe there are worse things, but it’s still pretty bad.)

Once you have saved your coupon code, you can distribute the code through your marketing channels. Customers can then enter the code upon checkout to take advantage of your generous discount.