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Barbi Larkins

Barbi Larkins

Design Guru

My name is Barbi Larkins. It took me 42 years to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I went to university to study design. But after I graduated, I suffered from Imposter Syndrome. I didn’t think I could make it doing what I loved. So I did what was easy. I had a job offer. I took it. And I spent the next 20 years in business management.


When the kids were nearly grown, I thought it might be time to discover what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And to my surprise, I found that already knew. I went back to design. And I loved it. And it turns out I am actually REALLY GOOD at it.

For awhile, I grieved over all the years I lost doing something that wasn’t for me. Then I realized something important.


Those years weren’t wasted it all. What they did was give me perspective.

When I design your website, I know what things look like from your side. Because I’ve been on your side. I know what businesses need. That kind of knowledge only comes from hard-earned experience.
I love what I do. I bring my love for design, my technical expertise and my insider business knowledge to put together websites that are beautifully usable and effective.

Be Design is amazing to work with. Barbi is very creative, easy to work with, flexible, and can competently handle a wide range of projects. She's my go-to person when I need help with anything -- print or web -- and I'm over the moon to be working with her.
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Our recent webpage revamp was designed by Barbi. The result was greater than expected. Barbi is great to deal with and extremely patient, especially when it comes to a client who keeps changing their mind - like us. Great communication backed up by a great design.
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Barbi is excellent at quickly understanding what we need and then getting exactly the right amount of creativity into the materials she creates for our clients. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Why should I hire a freelancer instead of an agency?

Lower costs

Freelancers typically operate with lower overhead costs compared to larger agencies. This allows us to offer competitive rates for our services. More expensive does not mean better. I am often shocked by how much agencies charge for shoddy design work.

Better communication

As a freelancer, I work independently This streamlines communication and decision-making processes, resulting in quicker project turnaround times and less frustration for you.

More personalised service

Another key benefit of hiring a web design freelancer is the personalized and flexible approach I can bring to your project. My autonomy means I can tailor my services to the unique needs and goals of your business, providing more customised and focused solutions. Freelancers are typically more agile and adaptable, allowing us to quickly adjust to project changes or incorporate new ideas without the bureaucracy that can sometimes accompany larger agency structures. This level of flexibility ensures a more collaborative and responsive working relationship, with a deeper understanding of your vision and objectives.

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