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Kerrie Bollard Art

A simple one-page design for an emerging artist

Platform: WordPress with Woocommerce

The Client

Kerrie Bollard is an emerging artist in Dubbo, Australia. She enjoys using bold colours and broad brushstrokes. 

Kerrie wanted to create a website that would showcase her unique style in a way that was as bold her artwork.

The Project

Kerrie wanted to keep the site simple and had a limited budget. We created a single-page design with clean lines to highlight her colourful images. 

Woocommerce was incorporated so that Kerrie could sell her artwork easily on her web page.

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Landing Page

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The Product

Single page design

An About and Shop/Gallery section made a simple and effective design for a limited budget.

Rotating banners

Both the top banner and the About image change on rotation, allowing maximum exposure with minimum space.


The gallery doubles as a shop, enabling the artist to sell her work online.

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