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A digital illustration depicting universal love and peace

Digital Illustration:

Movements of Magicalness

Movements of Magicalness is a project of Debs Prior to teach meditation techniques to a new generation. She encountered some artwork of mine at an art exhibition and felt that I would be a good match to illustrate her book. After that, the project took on a life of its own.

The Client

From Debs Prior

Hi! I’m Debs.

Six years ago I was with a group of people who visited South Africa for a few weeks, to share a powerful moving meditation. We stayed in Cape Town and were taken in to the townships to connect with various amazing community projects. Three of us from the group ended up staying 3 months, working with a small Muslim drug rehab centre and visiting primary schools in the area. What amazing people, in such adverse conditions! I was constantly amazed at how deeply this moving meditation touched people.

It was these powerful heart connections that inspired me to write this book. I found a beautiful artist in New Zealand who was inspired by the project and so ‘Movements of Magicalness’ came in to being.

Digital illustration for Movements of Magicalness
Book illustration for Movements of Magicalness

The Process

While we started with a story that Debs had previously written, Debs began to change the story line as the illustrations progressed. The process was completely fluid and interactive as her vision and mine merged into a new direction.

The Project

Illustrations were sketched by hand. The sketches were then scanned into Adobe Illustrator. Special effects from Photoshop were added to give depth.

The Product

Once the illustrations were completed, we proceeded to layout the book in Indesign and created a book launch website. Debs self-published her book on Ingramspark. 

Cover design for children's book
Children's book illustration
Illustration for Movements of Magicalness