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E-Commerce Website Design:

Ngiilay Gift Boxes

Ngiilay Gift Boxes was preparing to launch an online shop to market their gift box offerings sourced from Indigenous creators and artists. The proposed website was to be created on WordPress, be easy for the team to monitor and update, and responsive for mobile buyers.

Platform: WordPress

The Client

NGB Wordmark Colour

‘Ngiilay’ means “from here” in the Yuwaalaraay language. As their name implies, Ngiilay Gift Boxes wanted to showcase the art and products of their people with their gift boxes. 

Ngiilay Gift Boxes completed a branding project with Leticia Anne Designs. The result was a earthy collection of branding collateral and icons that would serve as a springboard to bring the indigenous feel of their brand to life on their website.

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The Project

Indigenous Theming

Ngiilay carried the Indigenous theme with product titles in the Yuwaalaraay language. Leticia’s earthy imagery and colour palette created building blocks to make the branding flow throughout the site. 

Ease of Use

It was important that Ngiilay be able to maintain their own website as items sold. The e-commerce site is built on Woocommerce. A training session was included in their website package to ensure they could use it easily.

Home Page

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Product Listings

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