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A small business helping small businesses, Small Business Plans required a website that made optimal use of SEO, UX and responsive design and Hubspot integration. 

Platform: WordPress

The Client

Small Business Plans saw an opportunity in the current market to help emerging business create business plans that would help them launch their business and secure funding. They offer ready-made templates and custom business plans for a flat-rate price. 

The Project

Small Business Plans caters to new business owners, people who are busy, spend a lot of time on their phones and don’t have time or need for a lot of tech.

User Experience (also known as UX) creates a design with the client in mind. It incorporates easy navigation and a minimal number of clicks to get the sought-after information.

Small Business Plans needed a website that was simple to navigate and could be held in the user’s hand. The interface needed to allow easy purchase for their products and integration with Hubspot for data capture and chat function.

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The Process

Responsive Design

Analytics showed that the Small Business Plans customer usually accessed the website on a mobile phone, so responsive design that worked well on mobile was vitally important.

Easy Navigation

Wireframing was vitally important as simple navigation was integral to the website design. Wireframing was done on Photoshop with input from the client.

SEO Through Blogging

SEO was a primary concern. Blogs were integrated as a fundamental part of the design.

The Product

Mega Menu

A powerful mega menu further improves site navigation.

Hubspot Integration

Customer data is easily captured through Hubspot integration. Hubspot powers the website chatbot. Visitor data is captured and catalogued for marketing purposes.

Home Page

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Product Page Page

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