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Landing Page Design:

Monster Mobile

A tech start-up needed branding and a landing page for their new clients to sign up for services. 

Platform: WordPress

The Mission

Monster Mobile is a tech-start up, offering low cost mobile phone services. They needed branding for their young target audience. They also need the ability to sign up new clients with automated recurring billing.

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The Project

Logo Design

We began with a fun and non-scary monster mascot. A green and purple colour palette (admittedly a favourite of mine) carried the monster theme with youthful energy. 

Landing page

A Coming Soon page was put on the url while we worked on the landing page. 

The single-page design kept the site simple and easy to navigate. A membership plugin was used to for monthly automatic payments.

Special attention was given to mobile UX for the young target market.

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Landing Page

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Pop-up contact form