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Your artwork looks Amazing.

Your website should too.

I have created some special packages just to get your art online and looking professional.

See what I've done for other artists

KB Art

A cost-effective, single-page design with e-commerce function

Ruth Killoran

An inviting, interactive design for a contemporary artist

Marilyn Austin

Minimalist design to accentuate an artist's vibrant artwork

Sarah Deans

A fresh new look for an artist retrospective.

PRose Photography

A hip website for a young photographer

Sarah Carr

A hip website for a young photographer

Online Galleries

Multiple filterable galleries to get your art visible to a wider audience.


Sell your art and your prints online. Print-on-demand options also available.

Easy Management

Easily update your own galleries and pages with drag and drop interface.

So what do I get?

Everything you need to show and sell your art online.

How much will an artist website cost?

Single Page


Standard Website


Print on Demand


Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a printing service that enables you to sell a range of products that feature your art from your website. Sell t-shirts, notebooks, coffee mugs and a host of other products, all featuring your artwork! It costs you nothing up front and can potentially increase your revenue by making your art available as gifts.

First select your print on demand service. Printful and Gelato will integrate well with your website.

We will upload your artwork to your print on demand account. You can then choose available products that you would like to include in your store, and I will help you to use their software to design them with your art files.

Your print on demand account can be integrated with your website, so that the products you create are immediately available for purchase from your website. 

When a customer buys a product from your website, the order is relayed to the print-on-demand service where it will be printed and shipped to the customer. The service will charge a fee from the purchase, then deposit the profit to your account. 

It’s that easy. You don’t need to keep any stock or fill any orders. 

Terms & Conditions

50% deposit required at contract acceptance. Balance due six weeks after project commences or at website launch, whichever is sooner.

You will be advised prior to contract acceptance on when your website can be expected to begin and to launch. Upon acceptance of the contract and payment of deposit, your website will be scheduled. Depending on workloads, there may be a delay in starting your project. If this should be the case, you will be advised as such and the final payment will be rescheduled accordingly.

Your contract includes two online or phone meetings. The first will be scheduled at the beginning of the contract to discuss your specific requirements. A final meeting at website launch will be scheduled to give you a walk-through of the back-end of your website and to address any final concerns or issues. 

If you would like additional or face-to-face meetings, these will be invoiced at a rate $75/hour, including travel time.

You may email or message any questions or comments at any time at no additional cost.

A shared folder will be provided for you to upload your content and images. 

Images should be uploaded in jpg format and should be of good clarity and at least 150KB each. Larger files are also acceptable. 

Written content should preferably be in Word. Content writing can be provided for a fee.

IMPORTANT: Your content should be uploaded before your project begins. Delay in uploading your content will delay your launch date and may result in your project having to be rescheduled. 

Want to know more? Let's talk.

Barbi Larkins

Let me tell you something.


I’ve put in the hard yards, because I’m an artist too. I draw in pen and ink and paint in acrylics. I understand where artists are coming from. Through my own work and my connections with other artists and art organisations, I am experienced in helping artists put their best foot forward.

I’ve always felt it to be sadly ironic that an industry built on visual representation is often so inept at presenting themselves well online. Your artwork is helping to make the world beautiful. More people should see it. I’m here to help with that.

Still not sure?

I totally get it. You didn’t make it this far in business by falling for every offer thrown at you. Email me with any questions and we’ll assess your business’ needs. I personally read all of my email and will respond as soon as possible.

I'm interested in taking my art online.

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